Project analysis

Step one: laying good foundations
Our technical knowledge allows us to analyse each and every project to make sure it is feasible and profitable.

Technical office

Our plans: an added value
We carry out manufacturing plans and reliable technical studies. For this, we have state-of-the-art software and a highly professional multidisciplinary team.


Without testing, there is no improvement
We develop prototypes from zero, which allows us to innovate, streamline production costs and guarantee optimum results.


Craftsmanship and technology: We produce unique furniture
We combine the most select raw materials with the best metal, glass, leather and fabric, as well as the most advanced safety and LED lighting systems.

At Arquetypo, we apply disciplines like carpentry, metalwork, upholstery, glassware and electronics in each and every project, with a single goal: your satisfaction.

Working together as a team

Production technology

Lighting and electronics

Quality assurance

Everything under control
We carefully monitor every project phase and apply strict quality controls to ensure that they are executed correctly.


On time, anywhere in the world
We pre-assemble in our workshop, carefully pack all the elements for the project and ship them to anywhere in the world. Only in this way can we do on-site installation while guaranteeing the highest quality and maintaining most demanding delivery times.


The importance of good execution
Our installation team is the very best: reliable, professional and accustomed to working internationally.

The execution phase is decisive, since it is the culmination of a job done well.